Combat is over. But for some the fight has just begun.

Few can imagine worse than the horrors of war. Yet many of our Veterans face an even more daunting foe upon returning home: life-altering physical and mental injuries. If these ailments require ongoing medical attention, the results can be even more devastating. The combination of medical bills and costs associated with temporary housing near the hospital can cause financial ruin.

Currently, there are no short or mid-term housing solutions near the Phoenix VA Hospital for Veterans requiring an extended hospital stay or outpatient treatment procedure. Compounding this problem is the fact that Arizona has the fourth highest number of deployed military men and women per capita in the nation--the majority of who live in rural areas far away from Phoenix. Worse, our Federal and State governments do not have financial methods in place to even begin to address the problem.

We believe recovery starts with the most basic of needs: a place to call home. This is what Just1Home will provide. But we can't do it without your help. Click here to donate today. Thank you.

Gary Martin

Veterans in need of an organ transplant must be close to the VA Hospital. A call for a transplant can come at any time and require the Veteran be at the hospital within 15 minutes of the call for immediate surgical room prep.

Two years ago, Gary Martin, a Veteran living in Mesa, Arizona, was in need of a double lung transplant. Gary could not afford to live within 15 minutes of the VA Hospital without foreclosing on his home. Because no solution existed, Project We Remember went door to door for the donations necessary to help Gary secure housing close to the VA Hospital. Gary lived in this temporary housing for six months until the call with an organ donation came through.

Today, Gary is on the road to recovery. However, his rehabilitation requires him to be close to the hospital for the next six months. This requires rigorous and on-going solicitation for funds to cover Gary's rent. wants to help Veterans like Gary by providing free, short-term housing during Gary's rehabilitation process.